LGL Giving Report to Aplos Import Contributions Conversion Tool

Continuing to build up the accounting data set it is now time to start to move donation data to Aplos in real-time.

As a bit of an aside, we contract with a company to handle our front-end donation processing. They work with another company that has a very old-fashioned donation management system called LGL. While it may be old-fashioned it works and we don’t think we can change accounting and donation management at the same time. This isn’t going to be easy but we’re going to have to run with the existing donation management system and use automation to enter donation data into the Aplos system.

In the future I envision this to be the bread-and-butter application for our front-end contractor. This application starts the process of learning how to do this task well.

  1. Download the “LGL Giving”  Report from LGL.
  2. Upload this report into the “R” Language Shiny webpage.
  3. Process the report to build the Aplos Manual Contributions Input file.
  4. Download the Aplos Manual Contributions Input file.
  5. Upload the Contributions Input file into Aplos.

Here is the link to the “R” Language Shiny Webpage that runs the application. Feel free to give it a try – of course you will need data so send me a note if you are interested.

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