Tool to Calculate the Aplos Journal Entries to Replicate the QuickBooks Credit Card Fees

The next step in the process is to add the credit card fees that need to be charged to each donation. These charges are accessible in the QuickBooks Journal Report.

The QuickBooks Journal Report is an MS Excel spreadsheet that is nice for human consumption. But, there does not seem to be any QuickBooks provision for getting a nice clean machine-readable format so we work with what we have.

So, the real work of this “module” is building a QuickBooks Journal Report decoder. The rest of this application has already been built and is simply being reused. In fact, the human interface is starting to become a bit standard…

The workflow is pretty much the same as well…

  1. Download the QuickBooks Journal Report  Report from QuickBooks Online (a horrible experience for all concerned!)
  2. Upload this report into the “R” Language Shiny webpage.
  3. Check the QuickBooks Journal Report for errors and process it to build the Aplos Journal file.
  4. Download the Aplos Journal file.
  5. Upload the Aplos Journal file into Aplos.

Here is the link to the “R” Language Shiny Webpage that runs the application. Feel free to give it a try – of course you will need data so send me a note if you are interested.

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