“R” Language Software For Cord Ministries Donation Income Investigation

Check out why we wrote the software to investigate Cord Ministries donations.

Since a model is only as good as the data we chose to use the actual giving data for 2017 to investigate different methods for calculating the Cord Ministries administrative charges for our people and projects.

Looking at the actual 2017 giving data in multiple ways is important to help people that are not statisticians get a handle on the facts. Having lots of slider bars gives the investigator the ability to focus in on the data and models in an intuitive way. Continue reading ““R” Language Software For Cord Ministries Donation Income Investigation”

Cord Ministries Donation Income Investigation Tool

Cord Ministries International is a not-for-profit organization that handles the “back office” tasks for about 100 people and projects. These people and projects are located Czech Republic, Honduras, Israel, Africa, USA, and mostly in Thailand. One of our main jobs is to maximize the donation throughput to the people and projects we serve.

One of our main concerns is balancing the trade-offs between the many small donations and the few large donations that we process as we consider how to charge our administrative fee.

Number of Donations vs. Total Donation Amount by Account Number

If we charge a fixed cost against each donation, say simply the total expenses of providing our services divided by the total number of donations, then a huge percentage of each of these small gifts gets eaten by the administrative charges and the large gifts have only a tiny percent going for the administrative expenses. Small gifts subsidize large gifts – that doesn’t seem right. Continue reading “Cord Ministries Donation Income Investigation Tool”