Aplos: The New Cord Ministries Fund Accounting System

Cord Ministries has outgrown the QuickBooks Online system. There are four primary reasons we’ve come to this conclusion:

  1. We are being pressed to move to a true “Fund Accounting” system, which no matter what QuickBooks says, they are not.
  2. We need to have multiple people working on the accounts at the same time and this is expensive with QuickBooks.
  3. The QuickBooks Online system is old technology that is limiting our work.
  4. There is no integrated donor management system with QuickBooks.

These are pretty severe and non-negotiable reasons but we have a huge time, energy, training, and data investment in QuickBooks so we are hesitant to move to another system.

Aplos says they have everything we need and the look-and-feel of the demo and trial accounts is really nice.

Aplos is going to help us move over to their system and has already ported over the donor contact list and the donations. They helped us set up our primary accounts.

Everyone is excited to see the end of the QuickBooks era and start something new. No one is expecting Nirvana but we are looking for something better.

As Chief Data Wrangler I’ve got to write some “R” Language software that looks at every donation and moves the correct Cord Ministries fees to the proper account.

Let me know if you want to see how it works.

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